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Introducing Safe-Mate™, a revolutionary hard hat stabilising accessory & PPE safety tool for hard hats and welding helmets.

This unique PPE safety device is incredibly quick to fit and fits both the pinlock and ratchet type helmets. You will find this to be one of the best hard hat accessories to offer complete comfort.


Increased safety

Keeps your hard hats securely fixed onto your head, stops them from slipping off while bending over.

Universal designs

The universal designs work on most hard hats with either a pinlock or rachet suspension.


Very comfortable to wear. Made from quality leather and silicon for a longer lasting product.

Designed in Australia

Designed in Australia and exported worldwide.

Try Safe-Mate™, you will never want to work again without it.

Model: SMS601

The 3 wings fit most pinlock suspensions

Model: SMR701

The 2 wings fit most rachet suspensions

Watch Safe-Mate™ in action: